How do you keep track of your design and coding decisions?

Hi All!

I’m curious on how you keep track of your ideas and thought process as you go through your projects. Say if there are two ways to solve a problem, or say there’s a new term in the API you have to learn before implementing in your code, random thoughts, a step by step process to implement your design.

There’s Github but that is for code, or do you commit changes as often as you think of ideas?

For me I use my journal situated in OneNote. I use my iPad to draw and my computer to write concepts/thoughts in my own words.

Tell me what you think!

For myself I use a couple of ways.

I use Notepad++ to make notes and store code snippets. I like Notepad++ for this because it addition to keeping notes it does code highlighting to help make my notes easy to read.

I also use an embedded tool in my IDE ( WebStorm ) called TODO to annotate my code with things I need to come back to, or as you said, to record random thoughts that I may wish to implement or reconsider later. TODO has some powerful tracking capabilities.

In addition to Github I also always create a local Git repository so that I can be fearless in experimenting with random thoughts and ideas as far as doing things in different ways. If something I try doesn’t work out - I just roll it back.

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I don’t really make concepts for web projects, I like to dive in and iterate my way to success (or failure :~). At work, I usually write extensive commentary at the top of a file or have a readme etc. For myself, I do the same but to a lesser extent. When I need to remind my future self of something, I use comments that I can easily grep later, like // TODO: do it the right way.