How do you know that you are job fit?

I am soon to claim my front end certificate. I got few more projects to finish. One of my goals is to get hired. At this point, I am pretty confident with my JS even though I am fully aware I am not utilizing yet functional programming and prototypal inheritance as much as I could. My CSS is pretty basic and my code could be better organized and rewritten, I still write too much code (I overcomplicate simple solutions sometimes), but I am not completely lost like I was before, at least now I am always able to come up with some sort of solution maybe not as efficient and neat always but it works. I also now always have an idea how to keep track of data I need in the project and in what form of data to store it. I saw some people claiming to get a job very early before even finishing advanced algorithms.
Idk how fit you need to be to get a job. When I am looking at job posts I feel like I don’t qualify for any position, on the other hand, people get hired with less experience than me. So it is quite confusing, is it just me being a perfectionist and not willing to apply to any job until I really master it, or I am really not job fit. Are those other people with less experience got lucky? Are some companies are willing to train you even though you suck… IDK I want to hear your opinions


Yes, well employers tend to boost their skill requirements to “scare” off juniors. Then again, most of them are able to see when a candidate can get theses skills quickly.

You need to show determination that learning more stuff will be “easy” and “enjoyable” for you. Talk about your recent progress and how much you like it already. Some employers prefer a strong willed candidate with few experiences rather than a pro that has “nothing else to learn”.

I’m in the same situation as you, and one thing I’ve realized is that you really need to believe in you, and how much you can stuff your head easily with thoses requirements. Don’t stop yourself applying if you miss some “required” skills !


Have you seen this already classic video?


OMG this is hilarious so true. Thank you!