How do you personally utilize your github to include the FCC exercises?

Hello everyone,

To make it more detailed, I’m not asking about github per se, but how everyone utilizes it.
Do you commit each exercise you have done at FCC? Just the big projects? Or something else?
I am trying to get more experience and have a better presence on github in order to eventually transition to a web development job.

Any advice is appreciated!

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I just use it for projects, and host projects using GitHub pages.

I know some like to backup all their challenges and algorithms to GH, but I’ve never bothered :slight_smile:

My GH:


Thanks for sharing! Personally my github right now is a little lackluster, especially since lately all the programming I’ve done, I can’t really post due to it being involved with my current job. So I’m looking for ways to improve it and considered putting the challenges on here, but I’m not sure if that is too simplistic, if it would even help, and also if it is even allowed to do.

Oh, it’s definitely allowed, and encouraged.

It might not be the most compelling stuff for future employers to see, but maybe having your algorithms up at the very least would be something?


Used GitHub for several of my frontend projects in pair with TDD.
I tried to implement modular, GUI unaware solution through test-first development practice.
Then copy-paste it into CodePen, where strap it to some GUI, adding only 10-15% JS code into separate module.
So, GitHub contains only backend parts of frontend projects, plus tests.



Thanks for sharing @0Prime ! I will definitely take a look. :slight_smile:
I have noticed a lot of people seem to use it differently. I’ve seen some include every single bit of code they have written here, even basic challenges, others I have seen more personal / big projects only. Just getting any ideas and advice to work on mine as I currently have only a failed 100 days of code on there (to be fair I stopped due to getting a development job and focused more on work programming) and a few projects I did when I attended an in person bootcamp.

But lately I have been itching for a change and really want to get into more front end development. - Angular and Pug JS are two big things I have been looking into. But the more I look it gets overwhelming on how much I don’t know. But I won’t get into that too much since I’m sure I could fill a whole other topic about that.

IMO, gitHub pages is more optimal solution.
I just felt kinda lazy about registering on new resource, studying it’s APIs and such, while FCC already taught me some of codePen.
GitHub pages eradicates all the copy-pasting and allows you to develop normal apps from start. Plus, you can store on gitHub files like pics and audio, CodePen wants money for that.


I push all my projects while I’m working on them. I haven’t gotten into pushing the algorithm questions, but I recently discovered Github Gists.

Now when I work on a project and I programmatically solve a problem that I think might present itself in future projects I push a generic/hopefully reuseable block of code to Github Gists so I can use it for reference in the future.

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I use it for my projects and host them on GitHub Pages but I’ll never put my challenges on my GitHub profile, I feel that that just adds a lot of useless clutter to the profile. If someone were to ask me about some challenges I did in freeCodeCamp I’d just link them to my freeCodeCamp profile which has all the exercise I’ve completed and easier to navigate than GitHub.