How do you prefer to do the challenges?

I gave up trying to write the code solutions ‘in browser’ a while ago as I found it difficult to debug.
I didn’t even know what console.log() was or did at first. People in the chat said use console.log() without explaining what it did.

What I do is create a HTML page with a script and some output areas for the example tests.
I host this page on Apache locally on my PC.
I then use Firefox with Firebug to debug the code as I am now familiar with it’s interface.
Chrome’s and Firefox’s debugging tools are ok but Firebug (a Firefox add-on) has been around a long time.

Once I have what I think is the solution I copy and paste the script into the solution and run the tests. The benefit of this is I have a series of pages with previous solutions saved locally on my PC which I can refer to in future.

PS. I use Bluefish to edit the code as I am using Linux.

You can always use console.log()…

Oops, I do hope you googled it immediately. :stuck_out_tongue: You can even find videos on FreeCodeCamp, like this or this.

You don’t need a server for this. You can simply open any HTML file in your browser, it will work. :wink:

I really like the “in browser” set up, as it saves me a lot of time. I also heavily rely on console.log because I struggle through the problems a lot. If you want stop by the Free Code Camp twitch channel, and I’ll show you how I use it. I’m usually streaming my FCC progress in the afternoon(pacific time).

Firebug allows you to step through the code easily, line by line see example:

and also to add watch expressions if you want to watch a specific variable though out the execution.

You can also use the console from Firebug. I personally find it easier to read than reading through one or many console.log() outputs.