How has this page been built?

Hello kind folks,

I’m hoping to build up to creating something along the lines of the following:

I would be grateful if anyone could outline for me any technologies (beyond Javascript, CSS and HTML) used to put this site together.

Many thanks in advance!

It’s a Wordpress site with a load of plugins, built using a theme from

Everything as far as I can see is out-of-the-box, it’s not had much written for it in terms of CSS/JS, whatever theme it uses seems to have been used as-is

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Thanks Dan! And if you were trying to replicate it, I’m guessing I would have two options;

  1. Use wordpress.
    Would this be doable using an alternative free theme? Or would I need to learn all about building my own? I’ve not experience using wordpress.

  2. Create it using HTML, CSS andJavascript.
    If I took this route, are there any other languages / libraries, etc. that would be neccessary to achieve a similar result?

Thanks again if you are able to reply!

To replicate it in HTML/CSS will be relatively easy: it isn’t terribly complicated, and I’m not sure exactly what they’re using w/r/t a theme, because honestly it doesn’t really look themed (it doesn’t have that polish you’d expect). And with regards to a free theme - there are thousands of free themes available, so you’d need to have a hunt around (the base WordPress one is quite nice for starters), but there will definitely be one that makes this easy.

The JavaScript stuff is all from plugins, and to be honest no JavaScript is really needed here (the gallery maybe, but it doesn’t actually work for me anyway so :man_shrugging:)

If you’re wanting to replicate it exactly, then it’ll be easier to do it in HTML/CSS first (I’d advise ignoring the current HTML/CSS as there is a huge amount of crap dumped in by the theme + the plugins). Then you can move that to be a WordPress theme without much effort

the main thing to bear in mind here is that WordPress is basically a wrapper over a database, a way to input data on the admin side, then display on the client side using PHP templates. It’s for making a site that you need to update often. It’s very easy to get started with, and if you’re happy with just using a premade theme and some plugins, can be made with no coding.

You can’t do that with just HTML/CSS. The things WordPress makes easier here are firstly the booking form (it’s easy to find a form plugin to handle that), and secondly adding events. If you aren’t aiming to update the site regularly, WP is not really necessary, but it’s useful, means you don’t have to manually write any content into HTML, you just write in the admin bit then save and it pops up on the front end

Also when you get curious again, you can always right click on the page and select inspect. This will show the html, css, and javascript along with other files they used to make the page

My 5 cents - I’m using plugin for Chrome ( that analyses any website and provide information about technology/frameworks used to build the website.
Results for our website :

	WordPress 4.6.12
	WordPress 4.6.12
Font Script
	Google Font API
	Twitter Emoji (Twemoji)
Web Server
Programming Language
JavaScript Libraries
	jQuery Migrate1.4.1
	jQuery UI1.11.4

Next time you don’t need to ask us :slight_smile:

@DanCouper, thanks for your detailed reponse! I’m potentially looking to make a replacement for this site that will be updated by someone else, so I think this is a good opportunity for me to get familiar with Wordpress! I’m gonna have a crack at doing this with a free theme but I’m teaching myself a little bit about how to make custom themes as well just to see how far I can take that.

@Cody_Biggs - good point! I could have done that!

@mspclaims - Fantastic suggestion! I have installed the plugin on Chrome. How handy is that?!