How important is arrow function in javascript?

I have been study and practicing. I’m almost done studying node.js and about to learn database. I’m thinking about start applying for jobs after database section. I’m pretty good with vanilla JavaScript but I still don’t know how to use arrow functions. Which is something I’m going to focus on after I finish learning the database. I’m wondering how important is arrow function. Does jobs require me to know arrow functions?


Currently, yes, they would require you to know about it. Even if you use functions in your code, your team may not, and if you don’t understand the implications of using arrow functions, you may see unexpected results.

Arrow functions are not a replacement of functions. They offer syntactic sugar and some other benefits, but there may be times when you need a function instead (like when using mocha with node, which recommends the use of function instead of arrow functions).

IMO, it’s not a hard to grasp concept, but it may require you to understand many other concepts. Personally, I like the MDN explanation.

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I think if arrow functions is something you plan to work on and advance, you are fine to go ahead and start applying while you work on it. You will want to know them for other reasons as well, I personally think they’re more similar to syntax in other language, so understanding them helps me in general to understand other code I am looking at. Once you have a good grasp you will lean towards using them more often as well.

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