How long did you practice after FCC before you applied for work?

I’m not quite done with FCC but I’m pretty good with JS HTML and CSS at this point. Has anybody made a portfolio before finishing or right after finishing and had luck with getting work?

I was thinking of making a portfolio from what I’ve learned thus far and tossing out some resumes. I just need to find or think of some projects outside of FCC. Or just use what I learned here?

I’m just lost. Thanks for any input, good, bad or in between.

There is nothing from stopping you from submitting resumes at this point, even with zero certifications completed here on FCC. The question you have to ask yourself is, will the time be well spent. I mean, will your portfolio attract the attention of a potential employer and do you have the knowledge to pass an in-person interview. If you can answer yes to the last two questions, go for it!

Thanks. I’ve been browsing some simple freelance and remote jobs for HTML/CSS and “preferred” Javascript. Then I look up the interview questions on Glassdoor and google what I don’t know. I felt like was was rushing or cheating but I’m also impatient for some money and challenging work at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’ve read in “Getting a Developer Job” is that you can tell whether you will be able to get a job by doing practice job interview questions. You’re probably ready if you can do the coding for the questions in notepad/TextEdit without Googling, and the results look and work right when you open them in your browser and try out different window sizes. I don’t mean that you have to master every job interview question on the web. Chances are that the freeCodeCamp job interview questions are plenty.
Good luck! (and it’s good to be lucky! :slight_smile: )

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