How long does it take you on average to do an algorithm challenge?

Hey all, been working on these algorithm challenges and im on [250] right now. Wanted to get a feel for how long it took most people. It usually takes me a few days if not a week to figure these out doing them periodically and gets frustrating.

Do you normally sit down and power it out for a few hours, or what is your method? I usually break it up and do little by little causing me to take forever for one. LMK



Challenges don’t have numbers. Challenges are all associated by name.


so Im on Profile lookup which has a number of [250], oh whoops, brownie points then. algorithm challenge called Profile Lookup.

What is your method for doing these challenges?

thanks a bunch.

Profile Lookup is “hard” for most people at that stage of learning.

My method for hard challenge is to power it out for a couple of hours, then I stop and doing other things but keep thinking of the challenge. It seems that the “powering” help me to learn the situation, but the solution usually comes out while I’m not on my computer. One time, the solution for one of my algorithm came up when I was napping.

So starring at the computer screen can be counter productive.

Try to write out in plain language the steps of your algorithm before typing a single line of code. Although many of the challenges can be solved by just typing code, testing, change code, test again, until solved, it would be better to learn how to figure out the logic first on paper and then figure out what syntax in the language (whether it be javascript, python, or some other programming language) to apply to your logic. As the algorithms challenges become more difficult/complex, it will help you separate logic errors ( in your algorithm steps) and syntax errors (programming language issues).

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