How necessary is Bootstap?

How necessary is it to frame your HTML in Bootstrap? It seems like FCC is a big proponent of using containers and rows and so on. I’ve also been learning on TeamTreehouse and it seems like the teachers there don’t use it nearly as much. Anybody have some insight they can share?

Not necessary but not bad to learn either

Thanks, Tattomoosa. Would you say that you use it frequently?

Bootstrap saves you a A LOT of time in development. You get consistent results, and predictable results, and you know IT WORKS, on different browsers, and different resolutions. – without too much work on your part.

If you’re developing a site for a client, pop in the Bootstrap framework, and you know you can get your final layout pretty fast… i.e. you’re not re-inventing the wheel to do another page layout for a new client starting from scratch.

If you quoted a client X hours to do their site, then you pretty much have your CSS styles almost 100% complete (just need to add your custom styles specific for this client), and you just saved a boat load of time on this project, this allows you to finish the project sooner/faster. === making same amount of money for shorter period of time.


Excellent response. Thanks so much!

I’m currently having a bit of trouble getting off the ground with Bootstrap but making progress. This was definitely a good motivator to continue.

It’s not necessary to use Bootstrap on your project. On a small project, with simple needs, BS may be overkill.

Some downside to using BS will be additional files required (css, js) and the jquery framework is also needed if you’ll be using the more adanced BS features (transitions, modal, dropdown, carousel, etc). But I think these are minor quibbles.

Also, just want to add, using Bootstrap is not a substitute for not learning CSS. The more you understand CSS, then the more you can bend Bootstrap to your will and make it work in whatever project you’re dealing with.

Im only just getting into bootstrap and think its pretty awesome… but I will say, I do think that if someone is just starting to learn css, more important is to understand the ins and outs of css since thats all bootstrap is based off of. That way, they know how css works to be able to understand what bootstrap is doing and why to be able to modify it.

Whenever I would do a project, Id start with starter html/css files I made that were just the very basics of how Id start off every website. Thats pretty much what bootstrap is…except super powered x 1000000.

Bootstrap is not necessary. But when you write modern page you need to make it responsive. Responsibility is the common property of all modern sites. So you can write your own ‘bootstrap’ or use Bootstrap :smiley: No need to waste time on code which was written before you and for you.

Many people don’t want to be both a developer and a designer. Using bootstrap lets you focus on being a developer only and still produce minimalist, but clean and user friendly web sites, which would normally fall under the skill of a designer.