How original does my code need to be to not get flagged for plagiarism?

I mean, if I write every line, but have copied word for word mostly from the demo project, then adjusted/broken/fixed/figured all the parts out and made it look different, is that original enough?

Serious question. Mostly interested in JS certification but working on projects for the Responsive Web Design one right now.

No, not really. You should not look at the source of the demo projects while doing the projects.

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Can you suggest more free learning to digest?

I feel like I have a half decent understanding of CSS and how to implement it. But to entirely write from scratch is a whole other ballgame. Some of the CSS on some of the projects I definitely could not figure out without heavily referencing and moz docs and a working version of it side by side.

HTML is easy enough.

It’s an assigned project, so it isn’t expected to display a ton of creativity. Choose your own subject matter for the project, but it’s fine if the layout looks more or less the same. Do not copy code. If you find yourself looking up how to do something with code, that’s fine but you shouldn’t really be copying it. Look at it, figure out how it works, close the window, take a walk or eat a snack or something, and then come back and write your own code without referencing someone else’s solution.

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I have taken this to heart. Writing it all closed book now, starting from the first project

“Closed book” is a good analogy. Feel free to google around and look stuff up, but you should be able to write your code without directly copying.

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