How PHP Arrays work - explained with examples

PHP Arrays Can Store multiple values in single Varible. Let’s think that you have a list of cars like ( ‘BMW’, ‘Honda’, Swift, ‘XUV’ )

But you want to separate this by categories like sport car, xuv.

But you need to put it in a single varible then you need two arrays

## Let's Solve this By Programming 
          $sport_cars = array('BMW', 'Honda');
          $xuv_cars = array('Swift', 'XUV');
          echo "Sport Cars List: " . $sport_cars[0] . ", " . $sport_cars[1] . ".";
          echo "XUV Cars List: " . $xuv_cars[0] . ", " . $xuv_cars[1] . ".";
    Sport Cars List: BMW, Honda.
    XUV Cars List: Swift, XUV.

Note That: array is Index from 0 to n you can access each value by passing there
index number to variable like follows

echo $sport_cars[0]; 


Like That you can access the element in array