How should I submit my URL if I am Using VS code

I have finished with all of my tests related to the web development course. Now I have to complete my tribute page and other projects related to this course.
How should I submit my URL if I use VS Code to make my projects?

I have tried once to submit the project with a URL, but it is showing that the URL is insecure.

So, how should I submit my URL if I use VS Code to make my projects?

Please help!
All the suggestions and advice will be accepted.

Thank You!

Hi @alfiyasiddique1708 !

I don’t know what you mean by insecure but you will have to submit a live project.

Most people will start by using codepen.
You can build your page in vs code and then copy and paste your code into codepen and submit that.

You can also use other sources like codesandbox, replit or github pages.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

But I need one more help from you.

Could you please instruct me, that how should I submit my project after I copy it from VS code to Codepen?

Is just I have to copy and paste the Codepen’s URL to submit the project or something else?

please help me and reply.

Thank you very much.

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 1.23.05 AM

You will copy the link found at the top and submit that.

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Hey, thank you very much

And extremely sorry for questioning again and again. But this will be my last question related to this topic

I want to ask that, Is it necessary to sign up in Codepen for using it, or there is another way?

thanks a lot for all your replies
and please solve my last doubt

thank you very much!

You cannot save your work without signing up on codepen.

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