How to access devtools for debugging projects

@sethi what steps are you taking to get those browser tools? how can I get access to tools like the picture youve shown ? you are using firefox?

Is the reason mine is also failing?

Your project link(s)


I tried also with firefox my view only looks like this, how can I get the same view as yours? thank you

Edit: ok now I see the request details pane appears when you click on a network request in the request list

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There’s a number of ways to bring up DevTools.

  • The most common way is probably just hitting F12 on your keyboard.
  • Your browser menu probably has an option for opening DevTools with various panes in focus:
  • You can right-click a page and click the option that says something along the lines of “inpect”
    screenshot of context menu for Chrome

was not asking how to access dev tools, but thank you.