How to add details of subject's life

I am gradually building a tribute and have to look each challenge up. I tried going through all the lessons again and again but don’t know if I should do that or learn by projects.

I seem to have run out of room at the bottom but that’s probably just where my “coding” abilities run out.

My ambitions stop at making beautiful websites.

Thank you for any direction.

It’s not a bad start! I like the design you are working on.

Your HTML has a number of small errors which are making it hard for you, I think.

Have you been using the test script to test the user stories as you go?
Paste this into the top of your HTML:

<script src=""></script>

Click the green icon in the upper left corner. Select “Tribute Page” and click “Run Tests”. You should see which tests you are failing and why. That should help you figure things out.

Try getting each thing on the page working properly and error-free before moving to the next one. It may help to start with a new page and just add each element from your original one at a time, so you can tell if there’s a problem with something.

If you need help, you can ask questions here. :slight_smile:

Thank you. This is so helpful and I will be using the text script rigorously.

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I hope you don’t mind my writing to you specifically. This is a very specific question and sometimes the forum is simply beyond my linguistic grasp. Ok, here is the question: When you use the element of “main” does it replace “body” altogether? I found side-by-side definitions online but still didn’t get it. At all.
Thank you and I hope this isn’t an intrusion.

No problem, I am happy to help. :slight_smile:

The <body> element is for all of the content of the web page, anything that is visible to the user. It’s parent must be <html>.

The <main> element goes inside the <body>. It’s not mandatory, but it’s good to use it for semantic reasons. It is for the main part of the web page’s content. For example, there might be other things on the page like a navigation menu or a footer. They are not the main content, so they should not be inside <main>.

For both elements, there should be only one of each on the page. The <body> is the whole page, and <main> is the main part of it.

Here’s a simple example outline:

    <-- Put stuff for the head here. (style sheets, title...) -->
        <-- (optional) Put stuff like a navigation bar here. -->
        <-- Put the main content here. -->
        <-- (optional) Put a footer here. -->

Thank you! Lights snapping ON.

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Hi…My next question is…
My screen’s resolution is 1920px X 1080px. I am trying to learn how to put my tribute into flex box and wondering how to make my composition, forgetting for now @media queries and all other forms of relativity. I have been told time after time my questions don’t make any sense so please tell me if I need translate my question.

And, as usual, thank you. Hi. I finally cobbled together something that passed all the tests. Thank you for all your help! and of course my visions are far larger than my abilities, but I see this as a way to create and intend to keep going.

Great job! It looks good, and it’s great that you could figure out all the tests.

Yes, keep going! :smiley: Your abilities will catch up with your visions as you gain more experience.

Thank you. I am glowing like a five year old with your approval. Hi. It’s me again. I may have finished my survey form… I copied the test code from my tribute page so I could run the tests on my form but it was the tests for the tribute page only. How do I get the tests for the survey form?
There is probably a button right there in plain sight but I didn’t see it.
This is fun.

And thank you.

(two minutes later)

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