How to arrange images in HTML? Two small images on top of each other?

I have perhaps a very simple question for you HTML gurus.
I have quite some images of different width and height that I want to show on an HTML page, but are a newbe on HTML.
By simply adding for the 4 images as an img src gives an undesired result: as you can see in the picture image2.jpg and image3.jpg have a small height and are NEXT TO EACH OTHER. This is not what I want. I want them ON TOP OF EACH OTHER, such that they fit nicely between image1.jpg and image4.jpg. In this way I fill up the page more efficiently. How can I do this?
I have tried something things with <p> and with <div>, but did not succeed. I am not very skilled in HTML after all. Any ideas, code examples??

My text seems to be somewhat scrampled because of the code examples. Here’s a screenshot of my text:

There are better ways to do this.
Here is an example using divs:

You can nest the small images in a div as shown…
Hope this helps!


Hi starstruck, it surely helps!! Thanks for your code example - works for me!

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