How to avoid error: PR supposed to be on fork instead of original repo?

Hello, wonderful people,

I have a noob question:

When opening a PR to contribute to the codebase for the ‘American to British Translator’, I receive the following standard message: “Looks like this PR was supposed to be made on your own fork, instead of the original boilerplate repository.”

Would anyone be able to explain where I might be going wrong here?

I have followed these steps:

  1. fork the original repo (then open with GitPod and test changes)

  2. locally clone my fork

  3. open local clone directory in VSCode

  4. git remote -v to check that ‘origin’ is my fork on my github and ‘upstream’ is the original repo at

  5. checkout a new branch

  6. make changes

  7. git diff to check changes

  8. git add .

  9. git commit -m ‘message’

  10. git push origin branch-name

  11. open up my github fork on and press the green 'Compare & Pull Request" button

  12. Step 11 takes me to So, this is switching to' from '

  13. The base repository is:

  14. The head repository is:

  1. I complete the form and press “Create pull request”

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!