How to build a personal brand and be confident?

Hello, FCC Campers!


I am about 9 months into web development, starting from knowing zero Javascript. I started this journey because I spent way, way too much time applying to jobs and sending in resumes and getting turned down, either no response or rejected from not being very confident in interviews.

I have a bachelors in physics, so I feel like I have the aptitude to code and pick up new languages. But in the interviews I had before I started learning web development, I had a hard time communicating my personal brand.


I would really like some feedback on my resume and portfolio before I start applying to web development jobs. I suffer from impostor’s syndrome and never feel like I am good enough to do the job. Applying (with confidence) for an entry-level position is really difficult for me.

What can I do to my resume and portfolio to market myself for entry level web development jobs?



According to your Resume, you work at Wavetrix. Why not just switch jobs within your company? Am I missing something?

Hey, thank you for responding!

The company I work at is primarily in electronics consulting. In the time I’ve been there (9 months), there haven’t been any contracts for web development.

It looks like you finished the front end portion of FCC, so that’s great!

Here are somethings I would change in regards to your portfolio:

Give your portfolio some style. Look up some portfolio pages on dribbble or pinterest and you’ll find some great designs for inspiration.

I’d also put your projects up on GitHub and have them featured as images of gifs on your portfolio. I think this captures attention more than a link.

Last, I’d get some feedback on your projects and try to improve them more. They’re not bad but when you’re applying for jobs you really want to stand out.

On your resume, get rid of these balls. Because they basically tell your prospective employer that you’re weak in all these technologies. I know you’re trying to be honest telling them you’re not there 100% and that you’re not an expert, but it just comes out as “I don’t know much…”

Your portfolio site could use some color and design flair. It’s very spartan, and not very attractive.
Not trying to be mean, but you need to make it more visually attractive and interesting.

Sidenote: There are some people here in FCC that haven’t even finished the JS part, and yet got hired based on the strength of their design/style/sense of aesthetics. Some of them, even got hired by companies not even looking for new hires!

Also, where’s your github link?

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Done! They’re just listed now under Languages

This is good feedback, I appreciate it!

I will take this as an indicator to get a GitHub icon on there!

About 18 yrs ago, I worked in an electrical/mech/hvac consulting company but wanted to get out and do web dev. One of the things I did is create/design the company website (besides hooking the whole company to the Internet, implementing groupware and individual employee email accounts). This gave me practical experience making an actual real-world website, and also something to put in my portfolio. Also, I seek out pro-bono clients (non-profits, churches, schools) and offered to design/make them a website… again to be added as real-world/actual client websites for my portfolio.

So I would suggest you offer to redesign your own company website. Of course, management wouldn’t just hand over that task to you, so you need to convince them of your design/coding chops… “sell” to them that you have the technical capability and design skills to make/update the current company website. Make a prototype and show it to them. BTW, these “soft-skills” are also important when finding your own clients or selling your own web design services… not to mention, “selling and marketing” yourself to prospective new employer.

Thanks! Noted :slight_smile:

Some more ideas for design.

Hire me presents a statement but no way to resolve it. You need to connect that with Contact.

Your typography isn’t that great. By this I mean that you aren’t consistent with the styles of font. You use several different fonts, some underline, some bold, some darker.

You want a personal brand, but your website doesn’t provide interest about you. “Welcome to the portfolio of a random person I have no idea about”. Ok. Cool. Now what? No interest catcher is present. There is also no definite action for the user to take. Something like this would be better: “I’m Trent an aspiring full-stack web developer. Learn more about me here”.

Just some ideas, here is a great free course you can take:

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I agree with Isaac. You need a personal brand, but your website doesnt say anything about you.

Look at this website for example:

Hey thanks for the feedback, I’m working it into my portfolio right now. I’ll admit, I’m still winging it with respect to fonts. Do you have a suggestion for learning typography?

It’s a blank page on the latest Chrome for desktop, even after 3 attempts.

I kinda like your portfolio page design. It’s minimalist. It’s different. Too many websites out there that all look the same.
But it’s not about what I think, it’s about what potential employers think, and they probably want to see a well-polished portfolio page that looks like all other professionals’ portfolio pages. Good luck!