How to build a personal portfolio

I just finished building my personal portfolio… You guys should check it out and tell me what you think.


If this is for the Personal Portfolio certificate project, you shouldn’t submit it. You have copied too much of the example project code. Changing colors and adding some content does not change that. Copying the design is fine, but still not the point of the challenge, copying the code however is not allowed. Besides, you won’t learn anything by just copying code, and it really isn’t that satisfying in the end.

The content you added has absolute positioning and margin it shouldn’t have and is causing the content to overlap at small screen sizes. Rethink your layout CSS.

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Hello @lasjorg!

Nice work. Congratulations on completing the project.

There is a lot of truth in the reply from @lasjorg. If you really want to differentiate yourself from others it is definitely a good idea to create your own design and add your unique flair to the porfolio page.

Use the project framework (elements, classes, ids, etc.) to ensure the tests pass and create something that is unique to you while ensuring that the portfolio remains professional and that it communicates its intended message.

Does this help?

Keep up the good progress!

Happy Coding! :slightly_smiling_face:

At first I wasn’t sure what @lasjorg was talking about.
That is until I took a look at the personal porfolio example page itself… (which I didn’t even look at for referrence when I did mine)

There aren’t really many differences I can find. You could have wrote a good description about yourself too. But you decided to leave that as lorem as well… ?
You other projects are pretty good. You were able to write a good documentations about making movies. So, I don’t understand why you strayed so close to the example page. Definitely take what @lasjorg has said into a account. If you do decide to change your portfolio, I wish you good luck upon doing so.

Project Inspration

Some of the projects in the listed links below may be too diffucult for your level, but they’re definitely good inspiration. I took a big inspiration for my portfolio from

I do understand that sometimes it may be hard to come up with ideas or find inspiration for your projects, which was deffinitely one of the big difficulties for me when I started out (and dont get me wrong, it still is). But I hope you can find a design that you like from the list above. Try your best to make your portfolio yours. Remember, use other projects as inspiration, not a template. All good artists steal, but never the entire thing :wink:

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Just to be clear.

For the freeCodeCamp certificate project, you are not allowed to copy the code. I would suggest trying to come up with your own design as well, but copying the design isn’t a big deal.

For a personal project, you can copy whatever you want. The code has no license attached to it that would prevent you from copying it. But as it is still part of your learning process, doing so will not teach you anything.

Thank you for bringing that to me account…

Is not about ideals… For me is just the layout…