How to build a product landing page

I build a product landing page for leaf spring
Check the preview and tell me where i should improve on.

The code:

Hi @mozieraphael

Just had a quick look at your page and code.

The logo is covering part of the heading.


The frameborder property for iframe is obsolete. Consider using css.

For lists, use li elements, not i with br, or span

Overall the layout looks nice.

Happy coding

Hi thanks for your advice… The i element was a typo … but i will correct it… thank you once again

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One thing I notice a lot in your HTML is the way you’ve written eveyrthing. The indentation on each line is a little bit all over the place which makes things a little bit hard to read for other people. You need to practice good indetation and organisation of your HTML.

The CSS looks pretty good. However, I did find a few mistakes like when declaring your “btn” class, you only typed “btn” missing out the period (it should’ve been “.btn”) causing all the CSS properties in that declaration not to be applied. Be really careful about these mistakes.

Overall though, your site looks pretty good! Well done!

Yh i do notice it too. I will try harder next time

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Just a comment when using codepen, you shouldn’t paste your whole html page, just what goes inside the <body> tags.

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alright… noted :+1: .
I didn’t know it works like that