How to calculate , how many days it will take to reach chorona cases zero . if active cases , current cases , and total revoverd case is given

Create a function that takes the number of daily average recovered cases recovers , daily average newCases , current activeCases , and returns the number of days it will take to reach zero cases.

Hi @zafarhussain633!

If you want the community to help you have post some code and explain what issues you are having.

Otherwise, it just looks like you are asking for someone to do the problem for you.

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i am just asking for formula .

We won’t just give you the answer. That doesn’t help anyone learn. What have you tried so far?

Even if you responded with your thought process and your attempt to solve the problem that would give the community something to go off of.

For example,
“This is what my pseudocode looks like or I was thinking of trying this approach but I am not sure.”

i tried many logic but no one works for this problem.

It is ok if it is wrong.

People just want to see where you are at and how you are approaching this problem.