How to center Title inside a hero-text class

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I am unable to center the title, can anyone help me with that ?

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I added a background color to help see what is going on…

.hero-text {
  position: absolute;
  background-color: red;
  top: 50%;
  left: 50%;

What is position: absolute doing, and does it need to be like this? What are top/left doing ? Where is the origin (0,0) of this element?


    <header id="title">

      <div class="hero-text row">

        <h1>Jadav Payeng</h1>

        <p>Forest Man of India</p>




For the above code i tried to do it without position property it didn’t work. I thought let take this element out of flow then top and right will work. But unfortunately that also didn’t work.

No it does not need to be like this as i said, i am a beginner i don;t have that much experience. With out top left how can i center my div and text within it ? :smiley: Please help

Remove the positioning and try margin: auto :grinning:

Still not working

It took the div to top :smile:

Hey mr. pjonp i found the solution in google here :

setting transform: translate(-50%, -50%) solves the issue or by using display:flexbox and aligning it on both axis central.

But i really don’t understand how it work. Could you help me with that ??