How to code a conditional statement

I am stuck with a piece of code. What is the# exact coding for:

If the index number is less than the item value in an array ?

any one please help[.

Show us your code, tell us what you tried, we will try to help.

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if array.index < array.item : ‘statement’
elif array.index == array.item: ‘statement’
elif array.index > array.item: ‘statement’

Looks like python.
There are few mistakes.

First and second one is accessing list items and indexes.

Third one is = operator.

Good luck.

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num = []
num2 = []
num3 = []
list = [2,1,4,6,1,8]
print('num is :',num)
for i in num:
    if i != num.index:
        print('num2 is : ',num2)
a =num.index
print('num index is ;' ,a)

This is only a part of some learning tricks as suggested by the @discobot

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