How to concatenate ' /n ' with useState()?


I need to retrieve all the content stored in useState and concatenate a line break to useState, whenever ENTER is pressed. What the code is displaying in the HTML when retrieving the useState values { useText } is a SPACE.

My Code:

const [useText, setUseText] = useState();

const setText = ( event ) => {
( event.code === ‘Enter’ )
? setUseText( useText.replace(/\n/g, ‘\n’) )
: setUseText( event.value );


( event.code === ‘Enter’ )
You should replace the backticks with single quotes.
event.value should be replaced with .
In React, when handling input events, you need to access the value property of the target property of the event object.

replace the backticks with single quotes.

const [useText, setUseText] = useState(‘’);
This means that the useText state variable will be initially set to an empty string, and you can use it immediately with this initial value.