How to contribute to Search and Replace Solution?

I’d like to propose my solution to the contribution of Search and Replace challenge
but dispite this Solution Hint saying to check the guide template link here.

I don’t quite see how to propose the solution except editing the very last link content ( not sure it is supposed to be this way ) so I checked the forum’s topics about how to contribute , which generally people redirect to the freecodecamp repository on git.

I found this one: corresponding to the challenge but not quite sure it is the actual solution repository to do a pull request with. Any ideas ?

I believe you were at the wrong place, as the link you posted is to the actual challenge with tests and everything. What you are looking for is in the guide folder

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Thanks a lot, so it is all about Guide folder, cause I was looking for Solutions folder as the main title on Freecodecamp page.
Thank you so much @meowjaja

No problem! The repo is massive; took me a while to navigate at the beginning as well.

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