How to convert a SQL Output to a python list

so basically i have a SQL database with 5 different columns of data.
what i am trying to do is take the data from my SQL query and put it into a list so i can display it in tkinter’s treeview widget.

  1. is there an easier way to data from an SQL table and display it in table like format in tkinter?
  2. if so how?
    3 )is it a good idea to make a table in tkinter with the treview widget?
  3. if not, what widget should i use?

sorry for the weird layout

what are you using to manage your sql database (sqlite/mysql/postgresql/etc)?
what have you tried so far?

when you query the db are you getting an output?
if so just append the output to a new list

the question was answered on my stack overflow account (ath0rus)

sorry didn’t see your reply i completely forgot to check