How to create a background image of link?

Hey guys, how to crate such red background and link?
(mine link is in the bottom)

I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. There is no link in the post.

However, you can create this using CSS. Either in plain CSS or fairly quickly if you’re using bootstrap as they have card setup. What CSS have you tried?

I’m talking about this (red color) images. When i share link in social network I can see pre-image. How to set it?

In CSS, target your class, then type:

.exampleClass {
  background-image: url('URLHERE');

Look Basic HTML and HTML5: Turn an Image into a Link lesson. Maybe it helps.

WTF man? What class are you talking about?
It’s LINK in chat. It’s not my web-site.

I can’t understand which image from site will be taken.

For example i’m texting with you in facebook and then i share you a link. Such image shows in message with link. How to set this image???

Fitst picture is chat window. If i paste link such image shows to everybody.

If you’re specifically talking about sharing a link via facebook messenger, there isn’t a way to set the image.

If you’re talking about implementing a similar feature in your own site, then you would need to apply the CSS that rstorms referred to. You would apply a class to the container that your link is inside of, then target that class using the css example that rstorms shared.

EDIT: I think I understand your question… you want to control the thumbnail that facebook shows when a link to your website is shared correct?

If so, here is a link that shows you how to hard code it into your website.


Please, be polite with members of this forum. People are just trying to help you.

It is not 100% clear what you want.

Are you a website owner that wants to control the picture displayed when your site link is shared on FB? If so, I think @qtheginger has the answer at the link provided in that post reply.

If you are asking how to manipulate the picture of other sites when you share a link in FB that probably won’t be so easy. I can see where that could go wrong real fast.

I want to share link of my website with my friend. When I share it - random image with text “about” is showing. I don’t now how to set it.

For example when i post llink I can change image,

but don’t now how to set image when i share it with friend

Site from link isn’t loading…
But yes, it’s it. And it’s not only about facebook. It’s Skype, Viber and etc.

Ok if you can get the link to load, then just do a quick Google search for “open graph tags”. There is a lot of resources out there that will teach you to use them.

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There is just enough information here to get you started

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Thanks guys <3 :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes: