How to Create a New Github Issue

Before submitting an issue try Searching for Your Issue on GitHub

Crafting a good issue will make it much easier for the dev team to replicate and resolve your problem. Follow these steps to do it right:

  1. Go to FreeCodeCamp’s GitHub Issues page and click on New Issue .
  2. Have a useful title
  • Write a meaningful title that describes the issue. Some good examples are Logging in from the News and Field Guide pages doesn't redirect properly (using e-mail) and Typo: "for" instead of "while" loop ; bad examples include A bug, HELP!!!11 and I found this bug in a Challenge .
  • Keep the title relatively short, the description is for further information. One example is to shorten long Challenge names, so instead of writing Test case bug in 'Challenge: Check Radio Buttons and Checkboxes by Default' , you might want to write Test case bug in 'Radio Buttons' Challenge .
  1. In the body, provide a link to the page on which you encountered this issue.
  2. Describe the problem and provide steps so that a developer can try to replicate the issue. Include your operating system and browser version.
  • When referencing other issues or pull requests, simply write #issue/pr-number.
  1. Paste in any relevant code using proper Code Formatting
  2. Take a screenshot of the issue and include it in the post.
  3. Click Submit New Issue and you are done! You will be automatically subscribed to notifications for any updates or future comments.
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