How to create a simple and free chat app for a react website?

Hi there,

can someone recommend a tutorial to build a free chat app with react?

I need it for a remote startup company website, so that customers can directly get in contact with the company. The remote business doesn´t have any clients at the moment, so not a hugh budget, therfore the chat app should be free for at least 100 requests a month.

If someone writes a messge into the chat window on the website, the message should be forwarded to a whatsapp number. Can anyone recommend a tutorial or a way on how to integrate a chat app like this into a react app?

The design should be very simple, just a chat window and an input field, maybe name and email input and thats it, nothing complicated.

The chat window should look similar like this:

Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 20.21.36

I saw this introduction from freeCodeCamp on how to create a chat app, but when I see the prices for the pro plan (starting at 150$/month) I am not able to use this service.

Thank you for help!! :slight_smile:

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