How to create topic in two categories at the same time


How can I create topic in two categories? For exapmle topic: About the Project: Personal Portfolio category has two categories: Free Code Camp Challenges and Project: Personal Portfolio, but I can create topic only with one category. Why?

Project: Personal Portfolio is a sub-topic of Free Code Camp Challenges, so it’s not really two different topics.

Thanks, now I understand.

On the topic of categories, can any regular recategorize posts, or are only mods/admin allowed to do it?

Mods/admins certainly can, but anyone with sufficient seniority can as well. I believe when a user has reached trust level 3, they can move posts around.

I see. Thanks :slight_smile:! I’ve moved a post or two before, but I stopped because I was under the notion that only mods/admin are allowed to.