How to Customize Ubuntu

This tutorial shows you how to add aliases to the terminal, tweaking unity and removing pre-installed bloatware.


Removing Bloatware

To remove all pre-installed bloatware because of privacy concerns or to keep your operating system minimal, checkout this gist.


You can create a temporary alias like this:

alias alias_name="command_to_run"

However, when you close your shell session, this alias will cease to exist.

To create a permanent alias you will need to create the ~/.bash_aliases file using the command touch ~/.bash_aliases. Once you’ve opened this file with your text editor of choice, add a line at the bottom of the document, similar to the example above.

To find out more, DigitalOcean has a great tutorial that can be found here.

Unity Tweak Tool

The Unity Tweak Tool provides users with tons of configuration options for tweaking the Unity Desktop.

To install the Unity Tweak Tool type sudo apt install unity-tweak-tool, and to launch it, unity-tweak-tool.

Here is a list of the six must-have Ubuntu Unity Tweaks.

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