How to download the last certificates?

With these new certificates, is there a way to download them in pdf or image format?

I only get an html page, and even if I decide to print as pdf I get a blur pdf file where the content doesn’t fit correctly the page.



You can save it as an image and then print it. Right click and “save as…”. But I don’t know about PDF. I haven’t seen the opportunity to download it as PDF or any other format just HTML.


It seems to me that it is not possible to salve as image since it is an html document :slight_smile:

Yes, screenshot is the only way to get it :slight_smile:

install this extension “screengrab”
use it to grab your certificate .

download it . print it . enjoy it :smiley: :wink:


Thanks @od-c0d3r.
Exactly as you suggested, “screengrab” worked like a charm :wink:
I downloaded it and I’m enjoying it


Try this …just completed my first certificate and downloaded as jpeg:grinning::grinning:

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Try printing on landscape and scale to something like 60, worked for me.

I used and downloaded it in a jpeg and png.


If you’re using Chrome, Ctrl + Shift I, Ctrl + Shift P, start typing screen, pick one of the options for Screenshot. If you select “Capture area screenshot” you can drag a rectangle over the area you want to capture.

For Firefox it dependents on how you want to capture.


Thank you! It worked so smoothly :slight_smile:

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web capture is the best

Best solution. (no need to download anything).

CTRL+P or (select print from hamburger menu), then change Destination to Save as PDF.


Open the certificate right click then choose the option ‘save as’ then certificate is saved in HTML page after saved in HTML page open that HTML page right click on it and the choose the option ‘save as PDF’

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is the “screen grab” a pc or phone app?

To me both links (from settings and from my portfolio) redirects me to freecodecamp home page. I tried from different browser also. In the Responsive Web Design section from my settings all the 5 links are this one: I don’t understand why. I finished all the projects and submitted the links after finishing each project. I guess that something happened with links and thats why I cand see my certificate. Although I finished and did everything as requested. Any help, please?
Note: I don’t have the links for the projects anymore cause I didn’t saved them :cry:

@afric.augustin It sounds like you forgot to ‘fork’ the codepen by clicking the button at the bottom right maybe?
For me the links in the profile were saved after I entered the solutions.

Screenshot from 2020-04-02 16-49-29

I did the projects again and this time the right links are in the settings in the right section. But the “Show Certification” button still redirects me to the freecodecamp homepage.

You also have to accept the Academic Honesty Policy to claim the certificate