How to enable drawing tools on pictures in frontend for stock charts on techincal analysis

I am making a website like or where users can draw on the generated pictures on the website.
How can I enable tools for drawing lines, etc

If there is any clone of such projects then it can be really helpful for me

Hi! Can you provide some additional detail such as what programming language you are trying to use? Or are you just asking if someone here has made a similar thing and you want to know how they did it?

I did it in two ways

I used python Streamlit library.

second way
I used mathplot lib in python with fast api frame work and then used react at front end

I am also thinking whether their is package in node js to plot graph. So that I can do mern stack simply. It will be easy integration for me.

There are drawing canvas tools for some frameworks.
There’s react-canvas-draw - npm for
example if your are working with react in the frontend.

Is this what you are looking for?

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