How to enable ScrollSpy / Personal Portfolio

Hi FCC team!

I’m working on my Personal Portfolio challenge, and although I think I already fulfilled all the requirements, there’s one thing I’m trying to accomplish and failing.

I’m trying to add the scrollspy functionality, so the navbar items get highlighted when we scroll through the right section, but it doesn’t seem to be working!

Am I doing something wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated! :blush:

Thank you!


Tiago J.

Your main issue seems to be that your Nav bar is not fixed.

You also need to load jquery and bootstrap JS in the JS panel. Also, add the meta viewport tag (see the HTML panel settings), to fix the mobile view.

I can’t dig further into the code as I am on my phone, but those are some issues you have - there are more, but you’d need to carefully examine your page in the chrome developer tools to find more clues about what is going on.

Read the Bootstrap documentation for the fixed Nav-bar component, as there is advice they give that you are not implementing. Also, double check the actual Scrollspy docs for anything you might be missing (the JS dependencies are the obvious one, but there may be others).