How to flex-wrap items in tkinter

Could you help me please solve this problem? I have a list of images (each image is unique) and I want to display all images in tkinter window. The problem is if I have more than 5 images, the 6th image is out of window (if I want to see this image I have to resize window → not very optional).
In CSS is this awesome idea of flex-box and wrap, that looks like this:

.container {
  display: flex;
  flex-wrap: wrap;

.element {
  flex: 0 0 200px; /* Adjust the width of each element as needed */
  margin: 10px;

I need to apply same method in tkinter.
If you know what would solve my problem I would be really glad :slight_smile:
here is my code:

import tkinter as tk

class MyApplication:
    def __init__(self):
        self.window = tk.Tk()

        # Create a list of image paths
        image_paths = [

        # Create a list of PhotoImage objects
        self.images = [tk.PhotoImage(file=path).subsample(4, 4) for path in image_paths]

        num_images = len(image_paths)

        # Create a container frame to hold the frames with image-button pairs
        container = tk.Frame(self.window)
        container.pack(fill=tk.BOTH, expand=True)

        for i in range(num_images):
            # Create a Frame to hold the picture and button
            frame = tk.Frame(container)

            image = self.images[i]

            # Create a Label to hold the picture
            image_label = tk.Label(frame, image=image)
            image_label.pack(side=tk.TOP)  # Place the picture at the top of the frame

            button = tk.Button(frame, text=f"Button {i+1}", command=lambda id=i+1: self.button_click(id))
            button.pack(side=tk.BOTTOM)  # Place the button at the bottom of the frame

            frame.pack(side=tk.LEFT, padx=10, pady=10)  # Place the frame to the left

    def button_click(self, button_id):
        print("Button clicked:", button_id)

    def run(self):

# Create an instance of the application
app = MyApplication()

I would use tkinters grid instead of pack. You can place x amount of images in one row then drop to another and start again.


import tkinter as tk

class App:
    def __init__(self, parent):
        parent.columnconfigure(0, weight=1)
        parent.rowconfigure(0, weight=1)

        numbers = [num for num in range(7)]

        container = tk.Frame(parent)
        container.grid(column=0, row=0, sticky='news')
        for i in range(4):
            container.grid_columnconfigure(i, weight=3, uniform='pics')

        col = 0
        row = 0

        for number in numbers:
            bg = 'lightgreen' if number % 2 == 0 else 'skyblue'
            pic = tk.Label(container, text=f'Pic {number+1}', bg=bg, relief='ridge')
            pic.grid(column=col, row=row, sticky='news', padx=2, pady=2)
            if col == 3:
                col = 0
                row += 1
                col += 1
            container.grid_rowconfigure(row, weight=3, uniform='rows')

root = tk.Tk()


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