How to get a gray square around text without a plugin


I need little help.I have a website on wordpress and I’ am currently using the Bootstrap plugin, to display a simple gray (square of the advertisement) which is the background color around the advertisement text, like here the bottsptrap plugin is used just for this, unfortunately the Bootstrap plugin slowing down loading the page. So I’m looking a alternatives to get tha same effect without plugin. Could someone tell me how to create the same effect as in the in link but other way, maybe in css? The plugin has many possibilities, but I only use it to display a gray square arround text.

It’s mainly about putting the ad text on a gray background with a black border, or getting something similar. I don’t know, maybe somehow in css or some other much simpler way than a plug-in can you achieve such an effect? It’s not about putting a gray background just for the text, but to make it a square, also slightly outside the text, creating a square

You could inspect that element, and only grab the CSS you need for it. Then only add that as custom CSS to your WordPress …