How to get access to this nested object in json file when it has an ID

Hey guys,

When i want to build an Ajax callback function I have a problem:

How to access such a path:

"query": {
          "pages": {
                          "32908": {
                                           "pageid": 32908,
                                           "ns": 0,
                                           "title": "Warsaw",
                                            "index": 1,
                                           "extract": "Warsaw (Polish: Warszawa [varˈʂava]; see also other names) is the capital and largest city of Poland.",

As you can see, there is an ID of the article “32908”. How can i display the wanted object if i don’t know what would be the ID of the typed query?

(link here:|pageimages&pilimit=max&exintro&explaintext&exsentences=1&exlimit=max&callback=JSON_CALLBACK&gsrsearch=warsaw)

Thanks for advice :slight_smile: Best regards,

Hey, here is the code I used:
$.each(dataReturnedByAPI.query.pages, function(index, value){ var title = value.title; }

Yeah but using $.each in “pages” object i would get the stuff i don’t want too, like “pageid” or “ns”. How to choose only “title” and “extract” without all the rest in this example

$.each loops through all the objects in query.pages. You can just take out the things you need. So if you need the title and extract of every object, I do think this is the best way.

Alternatively, you can also use: Object.keys(dataReturnedByAPI.query.pages) which will return an array of al the indexes. You can than use: dataReturnedByAPI.query.pages[Object.keys(dataReturnedByAPI.query.pages)[0]].title to acces the title of the first object in query.pages.

So i when i use $.each i should then use if statement to find the index i want (here it would be [2] and [4]) ?

I made something like this, but it doesn’t seem to work. Not sure if the ajax part is wrongly written:

// AJAX 
function getArticles() {
  if (value != "") {
    $.getJSON(mainLink, function (response) {
        var articlesList = "<ul>";
      $.each(response.query.pages, function(index, article){
       if (index===2) {
          articlesList += "<li>" + "<h3>" + article.title + "</h3>";
        if (index===4) {
          articlesList += "<p>" + article.extract +"</p>" + "</li>";
      articlesList += "</ul>";

my codepen with it:

The index in $.each is the name of the object, for example: “32908” and not the iteration count. You could add a variable count and count++ for each object. Than you could use: if(count === 2).

If you only need [2] and [4] you might be better of using the Object.keys() function.