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 * A long process to prepare tea.
 * @return {string} A cup of tea.
const prepareTea = () => 'greenTea';

 * Get given number of cups of tea.
 * @param {number} numOfCups Number of required cups of tea.
 * @return {Array<string>} Given amount of tea cups.
const getTea = (numOfCups) => {
  const teaCups = [];
  for(let cups = 1; cups <= numOfCups; cups += 1) {
    const teaCup = prepareTea();

  return teaCups;

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const tea4TeamFCC = []; // :(
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your solution is not correct, but in order to help you understand and learn, can you tell us what your thinking is and where your confusion is?

I think the the getTea(40) result is an objet, so you can not just push an object to an array.
you can use “…” to split it and push.
Hope this will help