How to handle forms


So I finished the first part of free code camp, the one about basic html, we learned how to make a form, however I have pushed my code on my ftp, and when I click submit nothing happen, like where are the informations suppose to go ?

I can’t see the response in the freecodecamp curriculum,


There is additional scripting which will be learned later. At this point the objective is to build the form. Later you will learn how to use a scripting language to either send the information via e-mail or input the data into a sql database on your server. Look up mail-to scripts to begin with. Many will be php but given that javascript is what you will be learning here it might be better to look for that.

And don’t forget to use some kind of spam protection

Happy coding

The default behavior of a form is to refresh the page. You need to have a server to handle the form action, this can be done with the likes of ASP.NET or NodeJS for example. That could get the data from the form and store it in a database. You can still use the form for front-end stuff though, just use JS with an evenlistener that prevents default behavior.

I would like to use mysql and php for the beginning