How to horizontally scroll only by mouse wheel

Hi, I want a horizontally scrolling website and find a solution using Flexbox. The scroll and divs are showing as I want.
But, the problem is- I can’t scroll by mouse wheel. Is there any way to do that using CSS or do I need to use JS for that?

Codepen Link:

Have you tried Google for this? There are plenty of hits.
Btw, I went to your site and was able to scroll by mouse wheel

Yes. I saw. But they are JS/jQuery solution. Like this-

That’s why I asked, is there any way to do that using CSS or do I need to use JS for that? Did you enter with PC or mobile? I can’t scroll on Chrome.

It’s not clear what your end game is. All I did on the pen that you provided was shift key + scroll wheel. I’m on a Mac and using Chrome

Oh! Sorry my bad. I couldn’t explain it right.
I want to scroll it on just scroll wheel not shift+scroll wheel.
Like this site-

Do you know if that site has achieved it by just using CSS?

I honestly do not know the answer but again I’ll ask, did you search Google to see if there was a way to do this using only CSS?
Have you found a partial solution and yet your code is not working the way you expect? It so, please share your code so we can help.
Or do you just want a yes/no answer?

I wanted to know yes/no :slight_smile:

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I got a solution btw. But, it is with JS.

You can do it in pure CSS but it is pretty hacky.

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That’s so odd. I wondered if it would be possible to rotate everything 90 degrees and achieve the affect. I never Googled it though.