How to implement social authentication for reactjs front-end and express backend

so, i made an RESTful API with some route protected and an reactjs front end. But i am unable to find a solution to implement social authentication. I want the user to able to login in with their twitter, google or facebook accounts.

I have been working with something similar in my coding adventure. I used google plus pesonally. Once you have made one work, the rest is just repetition.

The basic pieces I used where express on nodejs, mongoDB and i also used passportJs.

Passport will give you the ability to use strategies to work with express. It was a pretty painless exercise to get auth working, but I had to do a lot of reading. Hope this helps, Good luck

Here is a link to the project I am (slowly) working on, within the WIki section there is a list of the dependencies used, My github project. At the stage it is now, I have Auth working I believe, but it is not being handled. So you need console to see the results.

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hey, thanks for the reply.