How to Inherit Styles from the Body Element

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  body {
    background-color: black;}
              body-color: green;
              font-family: monospace;
    <h1 class="body-element"> Hello World </h1>

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i see multiple issues in the code but i wanted to address the biggest one

what is your understanding of the phrase ‘body element’ ??

for eg. in the challenge it asks

give your body element the font-family of monospace

It looks like you think “body element” is this “body-element” that you added to the code.
Could it mean something else?

hint: if I have this sample html code, where is the body element in it?

    <p> This is not the body element, this is the p element </p>

and if I have the following sample css code, which one is the body element selector?

p {
  color: green;
body {
  font-family: monospace;

If you can understand what is meant by ‘body element’ that will help you along.
Also be careful when following instructions to add only what is asked and nothing more.

I find ’ if you can understand’ and ‘be careful’ offencive coming from a person that wants to help and teach others. Keep in mind many of the people learning from this site English is a second, third…language. How this works…if you can understand it means you are one of those people, as I am. Be very careful how you express your outline as it is suppose not to sound as a stupid mystery clue, but as freaking basic level of css. I came back to do this from creating websites just to check back if those are in order, first 7 exercises were crazy hard. Just because when you get to the level of forget css but use SASS than no body really cares if you can understand. it is copy and paste, because i promise you there is no way you will write 3000 lines of code, or snippets. Never mind that part you are still the one who chooses this is green and this is monospace!!!