How to iterate through an array and render html

I need help iterating through an array of objects and rendering out the html. I currently use jQuery in the following way, but I want to know of a more industry-standard way of accomplishing this. Also, if the answer is angular or react, I am amenable.

	arr_Pages.forEach(function( a) {
		var $nav= $( "<div/>", {
			id: 'nav-' +,
			class: 'nav',
			html: a.nameNav,

Thanks in advance for your help!

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What you are doing is fine, though I prefer to iterate through the array and build the navigation bar and only update the DOM one time.

const nav = arr_Pages.reduce((html,page) => html += `<div id="${}" class="nav">${page.nameNav}</div>`,'');

Thank you for your reply! Your concise answer has encouraged me to learn

  • reduce() function
  • arrow functions =>
  • template literals ${}

which i imagine is the point of the website, right? :wink:

As a followup question, I have to build for IE11. What is your preferred polyfill solution? Babel?


I would look into using Babel for the template literals and arrow functions, but be mindful of the limitations. See the following compatibility table.

Thanks for your prompt reply. You’ve been very helpful!