How to know if an element is perfectly centered by using the Inspect tool?

I wanted to make sure that I have certain elements aligned in the center of the screen. I have been told I can click on the element and select inspect to find out, but I’m not sure what to do after selecting inspect. Can anyone explain?

Its better to show the code on a sandbox app, your question isn’t very clear as to what you want to get centered.

Why would you need to click anywhere? :thinking:
All you need to do is very simple <center></center> and that should center the element no matter what

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Thanks I didn’t know that.

I heard you can check if something like a button is centered in the screen, but I now I know that someone can use the <center></center> tags in HTML center something.

Sorry to say but this isn’t accurate whatsoever. First of all, the center tag is not available in html5 which is the prevailing html document type standard at this point. In order to simulate the behavior with css there are a few things you need to do in css and in your markup. Some of the ways to approach the problem were discussed here.