How to link an internal file image to html

I am struggling to link an internal file image to my html despite that I’m following all the protocol in this regard. The image is saved in my images file and want to call it to my html file but with no success.
Any help please!?

Thank you

Hi @Elaefarran. Welcome to FCC. You can read more about HTML file paths from This W3C article. Happy coding :grinning:

Thank you. But the problem is not straight forward and can’t find an explanation as to why I can’t call an image from internal file.

Usually people fail to load images because of using the wrong file path. It is better to put the image file in the same folder with html file so that you can reference it like

<img src="picture.jpg">

or create an image folder in the current file folder where the html file is located and use

<img src="image-folder/picture.jpg">

plus a number of other options in the link i provided in my first post.

Thanks. It worked finally, happy days. :+1: