How to load a different web page (on local server) using query parameters

Hello, I need to know how query parameters are used to load different versions of a webpage on local server? When I googled “query parameters,” I got a lot of answers about how to use them on the server side. But what am I supposed to do if I only want to change local server (and using vanilla JS) from:





It’s not clear to me how the JS, HTML files work together to make this happen?

Hey Sabahat,

you can read the content of the URL bar with window.location:

You could read the params with JS and then run different stuff depending on it.

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With this you mean a local server instance, like a dev server you use on your machine?
(some example includes webpack dev server, parcel, your own apache…)

Or you mean the browser?
According to this the answer may change.

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Sorry, not sure (my knowledge of the mechanics of how webpages work is so weak). But basically, I have a folder with index.html. That HTML file reads in the JS file. Then I run ‘python -m http.server’ which creates my page at localhost:8000. And I view that page in chrome browser.

Does that answer your question? :worried:

Hey there,

I created a small example project:

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Thanks for that @miku86!

Unfortunately, I need to use query parameters to switch between versions of webpage. So if query parameter returns “configA” and “data_1”, then version A of the page should show and if query parameter returns “configB” and “data_2”, then version B of the page should show.

Is there a way to do that?


that’s why I posted the link to window.location in my first reply.

There you will find a link to Location and its property to parse out the parameters from the querystring.