How to make a page fit in a specific dimension resolution?

For my fit main page, I have to have it fit a 1024x768 resolution so that it doesn’t need to scroll.

does anyone know how to do this?

please help. i’m still confused.

Using the body selector
set height to 98vh
set width to 98vw

No more scrolling for any screen size.

However, this may not be what you are after.
Please describe what you are trying to achieve in more detail.

Happy coding

This is the exact wording for what my main page should have dimensions-wise.

If this is homework or a work assignment we are not going to just give you the code. You can show us what your current code is, and explain what you have tried. Then we can maybe point you in the right direction

If you ask me, this is sort of an unrealistic requirement. If what it means is that you should have no horizontal scroll at 1024px view port width, that is fine, you should be able to do that no problem. But depending on the amount of text content on the page, you may not have any control over the height limit, unless you do something completely annoying like force a very small font size.

I would interpret this as make the home page an unscrollable one screen and make it look good in the given resolution (which is a small laptop.)

You can achieve this with the developer tools in Chrome or Firefox → mobile views and set the screen to 1024 x 768.

Know that this requirement doesn’t make much sense, do they only target users with that screen size, the UI can look ugly on every other screen? Clumsy technical writing.