How to make footer the same regardless if link was clicked. Step 79

This is what I came up with. Not sure how to use the a selector.

footer a:{
color: black;

Kindly help. thank you!

I’m not entirely sure if I’m understanding the question. More context would be helpful.

If what you’re trying to avoid is link text changing color after it has been clicked, then you want to look into the :visited pseudo-class.

These were the instructions on step 79 of the Learning CSS Basic.

Basically I don’t want the color of the link to change when it has been clicked. I want the link to stay black.

Step 79

The default color of a link that has not yet been clicked on is typically blue. The default color of a link that has already been visited from a page is typically purple.

To make the footer links the same color regardless if a link has been visited, use a type selector for the anchor element (a) and use the value black for the color property.

Hi Ariel,

Went through the link you sent. Figured it out from there!!! Thank you. This was the code that I needed.

a {
color: black;

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Congratulations on working through the problem! Happy coding.

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I used this and mine is not working. I even just copy pasted what you have here and didnt work :frowning: