How to make other elements flow around one element


So I want other elements to flow/wrap around my image. As you can see from the screenshot below, the text ends up behind the picture. But I want it to wrap around the image of the frog. I want this to be default. So that everything else flows around it automatically if I change the position of the image

The property you are looking for is “float”.

Hmm ok. How should that be applied? “Float: right” for the image or something like that?

I tried that for the image but nothing happened :slight_smile:

Yes. But without being able to see code (and if possible an example, eg on CodePen) it’s not possible to see why it’s not working.

float: left, right, center

This is literally what I suggested, and OP is having problems using it. If you’re going to post in a thread, please read the thread itself, not just the title