How to move files to different folders

Hello everyone, I am trying move files based upon a the names in the spreadsheet. The files in the folder also has the same name. What I want to do is to move the files to specific folders for example:

Column N1:Filename, N2:Outro.mp3, N3:Intro.mp3, N4:piano.mp3, etc
The folder where the Files are have the same names: Outro.mp3, N3:Intro.mp3, N4:piano.mp3, etc

In Column A in the same spreadsheet they are two albums Instrumental and Vocals.

Lastly in the root folders of Instrumental and Vocals are folders of combined values of 3 columns for example 1 - HGH - Tonic(Script), 2 - LOW - Legat(Pause), etc. How can the code below be modified to search for the songs in the folder as well as the excel document and separate them by albums and into the subfolders 1 - HGH - Tonic(Script), 2 - LOW - Legat(Pause) which are also folders from combined values in the same spreadsheet? Thanks

for root, dirs, files, in os.walk( 'C:\\Users\\mrdrj\\Desktop\\NASB - Copy\\' ): # Location of Songs

for name in files: # List of Songs in Folder

for songnmz in sngnms: #List of Corrected Songs in Excel

if name.find(songnmz) and albmz = = 'NT' :

print (name)
I have included the link for reference. Thanks for you time.

the shutil function. move () moves a file or directory (and its contents) to another location and returns the path of the new destination.

Thanks for the information. I was going to use shutil function but I was having an issue with the for loops as when I do the print out it does produce the required outcome for to move the correct files to the folders.