How to "nest a text field within a form element"

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I’m afraid I’m a newbie, suffering with the extremely succinct instructions in freecodecamp. Any help with resolving the “how to nest a text field within a form element” would be most appreciated. This was my best idea so far, but of course not correct (the question arises in the 2nd last line of the following text):


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[Thanks a million, and sorry if I’ve mis-posted or if I’ve not seized something totally obvious, which is of course most likely!) :-)]

Ps. Not even sure how you guys are going to be able to read the problem – it seems to be invisible in my post. Sigh.

You can use backticks, like this: `
One at the start and one at the end to wrap an inline code , like var test= toast,
Three as first line and three as last line if you want to post multiline code, like:

const Hello = "World";
const World = "Hello";

console.log( World, Hello)

To answer to your title question, this is a input field of type text nested into a form:

    <input type="text" />

Hi Layer,

thank you very much for your help! You have enabled me to move on to the next lessons!

Best wishes

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